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PILATES NOW! is a new Pilates Studio in Chiswick Park, London. We boast the latest, top-of-the-range STOTTPILATES equipment in a studio offering classes of 4 and 1-2-1 private sessions.

PILATES NOW! has four Reformers plus towers to enable participants to get a really good, all-round Pilates workout in well supervised c
... lasses. For those wanting a bespoke service, Pilates Now! offers one-to-one sessions. With a Cadillac Trapeze Table, Stability Chair and other pieces of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates, the studio can cater for everyone's needs - from post-rehabilitation to elite athlete!

Pilates is the exercise that everyone can do and everyone will benefit from! The benefits of Pilates on Equipment cannot be overstated. On the machines the exercises are more targeted: imbalances can be identified and corrected; weak areas can be strengthened; tight areas can be lengthened, and the body is able to be challenged in many different ways. Today, with the issue of desk-bound, sedentary lifestyles causing so many problems, the emphasis is on exercise, especially Pilates, to offer a cure.

STOTTPILATES is the contemporary approach to the original Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. Started by Moira Merrithew in 1988, STOTTPILATES is unparalleled in the industry for the quality of education and standard of equipment they have developed. STOTTPILATES training has often been called the 'Ivy League' of Pilates education. At PILATES NOW! all the instructors are STOTTPILATES qualified and the equipment is all STOTTPILATES to make it the best possible experience for any client.

PILATES NOW! is open to members and non-members of Virgin Active.
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Insured By: FitPro
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